Top IT spending priorities for 2019

From data analytics to cybersecurity to customer experience, here’s where CIOs will direct their IT budgets this year.

Top IT spending priorities for 2018

The CIO role continues to grow, thanks in large part to digital transformation, with IT executives adding new responsibilities, ranging from data analytics to product development, according to our 2019 State of the CIO. To meet these goals and continue to innovate, savvy IT leaders must carefully decide which tech investments to make to drive innovation, increase market share, develop and deploy new solutions and meet customer needs.

But where are IT leaders investing to receive the biggest bang for their investment buck? Our survey of 683 heads of IT sheds light on the business initiatives that will be most significant in driving IT investments this year.

Here, we take a look at those numbers and discuss with several CIOs the kinds of technologies they’ll be investing in to bring this year’s business initiatives to fruition.

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