6 steps to getting digital culture right

Digital transformation is a vital undertaking in today’s competitive landscape. But first you need to redefine your corporate culture, challenge your traditions and overhaul your hiring practices.

6 steps to getting digital culture right

Technology is fast becoming one of the most important tools for modern businesses, and digital transformation is the means by which your organization can leverage technology to its full potential. But not every company that undertakes a digital transformation is set up for success. To truly transition, your organization must overhaul its culture first.

How companies can create and drive digital culture was a hot topic at MIT’s CIO Symposium 2018 conference — a one-day event where industry thought leaders, vendors and educators joined to discuss evolving trends in IT and for CIOs. In two sessions, “Creating a Digital Culture” and “Articulating Your Digital Vision,” MIT researchers and industry leaders shared advice and firsthand experience on building a successful digital strategy. Here are six steps that will help smooth your digital transformation by first establishing a strong digital culture.

Start on the same page

Digital transformation requires significant organizational change. But that change can’t happen overnight. Before you can build a digital culture, you need to define what that means for your organization and industry.

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