6 most-dreaded IT projects

Patching old systems, migrating email to the cloud, unsupported compliance mandates, and ERP upgrades are some of the jobs IT pros dread most.

6 most-dreaded IT projects

The projects that most IT professionals dread are the thankless yet essential tasks that garner little acknowledgment or respect.

Patch management isn't glamorous, but fail to keep up and your organization could suffer a massive security breach. Cloud migration projects aren't often sexy, but running email servers on premises in 2018 is a bit like using rotary phones. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations and upgrades have been the posterchild for IT project failure for more than a decade, but most large organizations can't survive without some kind of ERP system.

Technology is almost never the root cause of hellish IT projects. More often tech initiatives fall into disarray thanks to unrealistic expectations, a failure to adequately scope, cultural clashes, procrastination, or a lack of adequate support from on high.

The solutions to hellish IT projects are usually straightforward, but the devil is in the details.

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