The secret art of poaching top talent

Looking to build a killer tech team? Insiders offer their secrets on how to successfully lure top talent away from current gigs — without crossing the line.

The hidden art of poaching top talent

Building an outstanding tech team starts with hiring well. And in a competitive environment,  sometimes that means hiring away top IT talent from other firms.

But if you’re not Google, Facebook or a blisteringly hot startup, how do you compete for standout candidates? To find out, we talked with tech pros who’ve hired well for their tips on winning over the best candidates.  

Workplace culture matters, of course, along with access to new technology, career development, compensation and benefits. But there are some simple steps you can take to make your organization one that draws people looking to make a change. A recent survey from Stack Overflow reported that nearly 75 percent of developers are either actively looking for a new company or are open to a new position

Here’s how to create an office environment and outward presence that draws the best tech staff to your firm.

Mix it up

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