How to develop a PMO strategic plan

Developing a PMO strategic plan that ensures high alignment with business objectives is no light task. Here are the key steps to effectively launching your project management office’s strategic plan.

How to develop a PMO strategic plan

Strategic-level (PMOs), also known as enterprise project management offices, are essential in developing, maintaining and communicating effective project, program and portfolio practices. Having a solid company-wide strategic plan provides the blueprint that all PMO initiatives should align with and be measured against. Unfortunately, only 41 percent of strategic PMOs have a high level of alignment with their organization's strategy. Given the likelihood of project failure, organizations are under increasing pressure to develop a PMO strategic plan.

If a PMO or EPMO does not have a strategic plan that aligns with overall operational goals, then projects are at risk of wasting resources and time, and are unlikely to produce deliverables. It is vital that organizations fist identify long-term operational goals, establish a PMO, and then develop a PMO strategic plan that aligns with company-wide objectives.

Here are nine steps to help your company establish an effective PMO strategic plan that utilizes talent, technology and resources to synchronize activities with business goals to improve overall performance.

Establish a clear understanding of the company’s vision and mission

Without a clear understanding of the company's vision, mission and goals, it is virtually impossible to establish a successful PMO plan. To get a complete picture of the company’s overall strategic vision and mission, PMO leaders must be directly involved in executive planning sessions at a strategic level. This is the only way a PMO can truly be effective in its approach and endeavors.

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