How AI will revolutionize DevOps

AI’s self-learning, prediction and automation capabilities will enable accelerated development of more resilient, feature-rich applications.

How AI will revolutionize DevOps

Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere today — or at least it seems that way. The technology certainly holds a lot of promise because it will enable all sorts of automation for business processes that are still largely manual, and deliver more power to data analytics.

One area that AI is already affecting and is destined to have an even bigger impact on is DevOps. Experts say AI and machine learning (ML) have the potential to enhance DevOps, even as many organizations are beginning to adopt the model to gain efficiencies in application development and other areas of their business.

“Artificial intelligence and machine learning has an all-encompassing relationship” with DevOps, says Spandan Mahapatra, business head of the high-tech industry/software segment and business solutions unit at Tata Consultancy Services.

“There are many companies already driving digital transformation with different degrees of maturity in their DevOps processes, enabling them to really drive outcome-based success,” Mahapatra says. “AI/ML is providing solutions to optimize the DevOps processes.”

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