6 secrets of revenue-generating CIOs

Business-minded CIOs are overhauling their strategies and workplace cultures to transform IT into a profit center.

6 secrets of revenue-generating CIOs

At first glance, CBRE Group has been working well outside its scope as a commercial real estate services and investment firm.

Its new product? A software solution called CBRE 360, which launched early this year.

CBRE’s IT team built the platform, which enables customers who own, operate or invest in properties to manage their spaces in myriad ways. They can use CBRE 360 to locate colleagues, navigate the workplace, reserve workspaces or access concierge services. CBRE even offers client-specific branding of the platform for property occupiers and investors.

For many IT executives, creating and marketing software to be sold in the marketplace like CBRE 360 is not a priority; in fact, it’s not even on the to-do list.

But CBRE’s Chief Digital and Technology Officer Chandra Dhandapani and other leading CIOs say IT leaders must make revenue-generating initiatives part of their portfolio of responsibilities.

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