XaaS success: Proving the value of ‘everything as a service’

CIOs are consumerizing IT in new ways, including rolling out self-service analytics and proof-of-concept-as-a-service solutions. Welcome to the age of XaaS.

XaaS success: Proving the value of ‘everything as a service’
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Consumerization of IT, in which technologies introduced in the consumer market spread to enterprises, was once exemplified by employees using their own smartphones and mobile applications to do their jobs. Now it's extending to the enterprise, as CIOs are rolling out sophisticated technology services that employees can access with minimal intervention from IT.

The age of everything-as-a-service, or XaaS, has arrived.

From self-service analytics to proof-of-concept-as-a-service, leading organizations are fast proving the value of empowering business users and customers to leverage innovative technical services without having to loop in IT every step of the way. XaaS is part of a larger trend that has forward-thinking CIOs leveraging innovative solutions in an effort to topple prevailing business models, shake up the competition, and generate new revenue streams.

Following are four successful instances of IT departments developing XaaS capabilities for their companies, each of which received a CIO 100 Award in IT excellence this year.

GM takes data-as-service for a spin

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