Why CIOs must get over their ‘millennial obsession’

Millennials comprise more than half the global workforce, but in this hyperconnected, mobile world, CIOs are better off managing staff by role-based personas than age ranges, experts say.

Enterprises have become so focused on keeping millennials happy that they run the risk of alienating other generations in their IT departments, from the up-and-coming Generation Z to baby boomers, says Anthony Abbatiello, managing director and global head of consulting for Russell Reynolds Associates.

While Abbatiello credits millennials, which include workers aged 22 to 37, as being the first generation to challenge leaders to rethink the way they lead the organization, he says it’s time to stop the “millennial obsession.”

Workforce needs continually evolve, and enterprises need to be agile enough to accommodate every demographic, from those currently matriculating from colleges to those on the cusp of retirement, Abbatiello says.

"We need to broaden the aperture so that we're looking at the total workforce that is in play today," Abbatiello tells CIO.com. "There is a vast diversity in the workforce that we are leaving behind."

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