8 secrets of effective change leaders

Change doesn’t come easy. Here’s how transformational leaders inspire their organizations to take on new ways of thinking and working in the digital era.

8 secrets of effective change leaders

Digital transformation means big changes throughout the organization, impacting many — if not all — departments, employees and business processes. Thus, IT leaders seeking to helm successful transformations must convince and motivate people across the organization to work, think and/or behave in new ways.

But getting people to adopt new paradigms is not easy, as allegiance to the status quo can permeate companies and resistance to change can come from any individual.

“Most people will say they’re good with change but most aren’t,” says Dave Castellani, who as senior vice president and business information officer for New York Life Insurance runs IT and leads transformation at the company.

Given that technology drives digital transformation, CIOs and their IT leaders must guide others through change. So it pays to have well-honed change management skills.

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