5 qualities to look for in an IT career coach

Is your IT career stuck in neutral? An insightful coach can help you shift your professional life back into top gear.

5 qualities to look for in an IT career coach

Athletes have coaches. So do actors, singers and other performers. Politicians also have coaches, generally described as "advisors" or "counselors."

Given the fact that coaches play an important role in so many different occupations, it makes perfect sense for IT professionals to have someone who can help them polish their abilities and move forward in their careers.

"We often get stuck in our careers, wondering how to get to the next level," says John Garvens, an IT career coach who works with Salesforce professionals. "A solid IT career coach can help you better understand yourself and your career and how to get the two into better alignment."

A coach provides consultative advice and can guide an IT professional to the next step of his or her career, suggests Sami Ahmed, co-founder of recruiting firm Hunt Club. "A career coach can definitely help you understand the game, and help you get where you want to be," he explains.

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