5 ways businesses are modernizing ITSM

ITSM is more than service management; it’s a framework for supporting business needs. As new technology moves in and digital transformation takes hold, ITSM strategies must grow and adapt.

IT service management is a constantly evolving practice that adapts and grows with the pace of technology — or at least, a good ITSM strategy does. By being flexible enough to accommodate sudden and rapid changes, ITSM at leading organizations ensures service and support practices and processes continually align with transforming business needs.   

“IT service management is not going away, but rather will continue to evolve to meet the needs of businesses. Emerging technologies may help streamline processes or automate change, but the need for managing services to the expectations of businesses will remain,” says David Rea, practice advisor of cloud infrastructure at SPR. 

A push for automation

Automation has helped streamline IT support — especially when it comes to routine tasks such as ensuring tickets get routed to the correct person or department. With AI and machine learning, businesses can automate redundant work, so employees are free to focus on more complex tasks.

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