Moving agile beyond IT: The secret to successful software delivery

Creating an agile enterprise requires more than just implementing agile methodologies within IT. CIOs must spread the gospel to encourage participation from IT’s business colleagues.

Moving agile beyond IT: The secret to successful software delivery

Ed Toner expects his IT workers to embrace agile principles, but he also wants his business-side colleagues to do the same.

So much so that Toner, CIO for the State of Nebraska, stipulates agile principles (specifically the need for their ongoing participation in software development and deployment) in the contracts IT signs with the various state departments it serves.

“‘Success of the project is solely dependent on your involvement in this project,’ that’s what the contract says,” he explains, noting that most department heads now understand that either they become partners in the process or accept the potential for less successful projects.

That’s the reality, Toner says.

“We had one group who just wanted to send requirements; he put nothing into it so he had nothing to complain about. That’s one extreme. But we have others who’ll stop by to just see how things are going, and those are the very successful projects because they take so much ownership,” he adds.

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