From Hybrid Cloud to Hybrid IT

Cloud Verified

Nobody thinks desktops and laptops are going away, but the device explosion has created an environment where enterprises need to support Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and who-knows-what-other platform, for just about every business application.

Many enterprises are simplifying their users’ demand for mobility by adopting a digital transformation strategy that includes migrating applications to one or more clouds which requires a high level of synchronization between public cloud and on-premises capabilities. For NTT DATA, that path to digital transformation naturally includes a partnership with VMware.

Solving Global Challenges

This week we spoke with Chris Whaley, VP Cloud and Security Infrastructure, and Purav Shah, Director, Strategic Alliances - Infrastructure, Cloud & Security (ICS) of NTT DATA Services about the importance of being VMware Cloud Verified. NTT DATA has been a close partner of VMware for the past 15 years, says Whaley. “We rely on VMware solutions to underpin our IaaS and soon-to-come PaaS offerings”, according to Whaley. “We have large healthcare clients who host HIPAA-compliant workloads, and one of our largest financial services client is a leading SaaS provider for the financial marketplace, riding on top of our VMware infrastructure, so uptime and availability are extremely important”, he adds.

NTT DATA has a strong global presence, with six US-based data centers, three international data centers, and access to parent company NTT’s 250+ data centers worldwide as the need arises. What NTT DATA is most proud of is the strong ties they have developed with the VMware team.

“It’s not uncommon for us to spend time with VMware in research and development sessions, understanding their road map and taking those ideas and solutions to market. From the client perspective, it’s good to understand who is proficient at tailoring solutions to meet their exact needs, and since the market is filled with managed service providers and system integrators, having this status lets clients immediately see who’s made the VMware product set a priority”.  NTT DATA sees a clear advantage in being Cloud Verified because it lets customers know that NTT DATA offers services based on the complete VMware infrastructure.

NTT DATA’s expertise extends beyond their hosted offerings to support today’s increasingly hybrid IT environments, including other colocation sites and the public cloud. “We also offer integration and the ability to run application workloads wherever an organization wants, including VMware Cloud on AWS for flexibility customers demand”, says NTT DATA’s Shah.

There are obstacles to cloud adoption that NTT DATA works to overcome every day. “Technical issues arise of course, regarding workload disposition and moving applications to ‘cloud native’”, says Whaley. Then there are the business issues – determining the ROI and whether a move to the cloud will lower operating expenses. But the biggest challenge is often the emotional factor – whether an organization has the political will to move applications and workloads into another cloud environment that may not be in the four walls of its premises. For this we have an advisory service to address those concerns. Wherever an organization may be in its cloud journey, we meet them there and validate their plans or help develop a new plan”, he adds.

NTT DATA sees this as a long-term winning strategy. “Leading our cloud practice is the most exciting time we’ve experienced, an opportunity to technologically enable business outcomes – that’s a big part of what we do”, says Whaley. We’re really focused on taking applications to market faster and better, designing infrastructure to take advantage of the latest trends and technology, and partnering with VMware to monetize outcomes with business technology”, he adds.

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