Mobile-first strategy streamlines AZDCS case work

A mobile-first strategy leveraging cloud-based mobility helps the Arizona Department of Child Safety (AZDCS) better serve families and children.

Mobile-first strategy streamlines AZDCS case work
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Like many government agencies, Arizona Department of Child Safety (AZDCS) operated on cumbersome, mainframe-based data infrastructure in need of an overhaul. But in the process of updating the system, CIO Linda Jewell and her team realized that a mobile-first strategy would not only facilitate future digital transformation but also enable caseworkers to better engage with the families they’re serving right now.

“We gathered all of the high-level needs and identified eight key pain points or problem areas for which we developed a strategy,” Jewell says. “Mobility — being able to access and update data in the field — was a major one. With a mainframe, you can’t exactly take a desktop with you to access your caseload. So, solving this really simple problem — being able to access data, enter case notes, and more quickly determine if a child is in harm’s way — was a big step forward to bringing our agency and our workers into the modern era.”

Not everyone was initially convinced. Other agency executives believed that a complete overhaul of the system was needed first before the mobility initiative could be successful, says Jewell, who persisted and was ultimately given the go-ahead to pursue the mobility piece first, a project that went on to win a CIO 100 Award in IT Excellence.

Mobile-first for case workers in the field

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