How GM CIO Randy Mott rebuilt IT for success

General Motors CIO Randall Mott discusses how he brought the auto maker's IT strategy in-house to drive competitive advantage, and shared his playbook for success with peers at the CIO 100 Symposium.

How GM CIO Randy Mott rebuilt IT for success

Randall Mott joined General Motors as CIO in 2012 with a direct mission from then CEO Daniel Akerson: Establish a competitive advantage by bringing IT in-house, reversing the auto giant's decades-old practice of outsourcing technology to third parties.

As daunting an IT strategy as it may have been, it was music to Mott’s ears. After dealing with just about every available outsourcer in his prior CIO roles at Dell and Hewlett-Packard, Mott realized, "I ran captive organizations outside [at both HP and Dell] really well and really well sucked," Mott said at IDG's CIO 100 Symposium earlier this month.

The remark got some laughs, but Mott was only half joking. He noted that he was fortunate to join a company where the “IT organization is part of the business.”

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