6 secrets of successful chatbot strategies

Chatbot experts weigh in on what it takes to build a chatbot tuned for business success.

6 secrets of successful chatbot strategies

What do NASA, Capital One and Verizon have in common? They’ve all built chatbots. And despite the organizations’ obvious differences, their early chatbot development processes have proved to be relatively similar, providing valuable insight into how organizations should build and onboard bots .

“There are no bot standards,” says Nathan Shedroff, executive director of Seed Vault, an open source developers’ community currently developing chatbot guidelines. “Imagine it's ’95 and it's the very beginning of the web, but there's no HTML. There's no standard that anyone can learn and start building websites,” he says. Every coder is on their own — not just for building, but for implementation, too.

Here, IT leaders from NASA, Capital One and Verizon — who each received a CIO 100 Award in IT Excellence — discuss the critical chatbot development and deployment problems. The following six tips will help your organization onboard its first chatbot.

Narrow your target audience and need

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