Wrike review: Project management made simple

Wrike stands out as an intuitive project management platform complete with resource management, automated request capturing, proofing and approval, and more.

Wrike review: Project management made simple
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At a Glance

Managing projects successfully comes down to skill, tacit knowledge, and having the right tools to collaborate with stakeholders and share information. Wrike, an online project management and collaboration tool, makes light work of these essential tasks.

Wrike is available through the web to PCs, Macs, and Android and iOS devices. The company also offers a desktop version that syncs with the portal and enables users to work offline. The tool has become a popular solution with project teams and stakeholders, thanks to its intuitive interface and its wide-ranging of functionality. In particular, Wrike’s wide variety of project view modes, from spreadsheets to Gantt charts to calendars, are a boon for users who may have differing preferences when it comes to engaging with their tasks.

The tool’s comprehensive collaboration, proofing, and approval feature, which enables users to store, edit, and share various assets directly within the solution, is also impressive. Moreover, Wrike’s resource management and allocation feature makes it easy to determine which resources are underutilized and to assign tasks to those resources using a drag-and-drop motion. Plus, customizable customer “request forms” can capture all customer and project information from the outset, automatically moving this data directly into a project workflow without needing to be manually re-entered — a significant time-saver that demonstrates Wrike’s dedication to efficiency.

Following is an in-depth review of Wrike’s project management platform that covers many of the tool’s key features as well as some of the touches your users are likely to find the most beneficial. 

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