16 time-saving tips for IT leaders

Want to maximize the time your organization spends on transformational initiatives? Here’s how to eliminate time-wasting practices and streamline how work gets done.

Whether you’re transforming an organization or just want to improve collaboration, eliminating time-wasting legacy practices and streamlining how you manage projects are usually top of mind. So, what practices should you incorporate to save time? And what are some old ways of doing things that need to be sent packing?

We asked tech leaders for their go-to tips for finding efficiencies, eliminating time-wasting approaches and taming bad habits. They offered specific tips on removing barriers to success as well as broad techniques for being successful without delay.

Their advice includes incorporating current collaboration technology to enhance communication, exposing problems and moving quickly past failed projects and services.

Want to maximize the time you spend in your organization? Read on for pro tips.

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