Driving digital strategy at Agero

Bernie Gracy, chief digital officer at Agero, reveals his team’s journey from digitization to digital transformation.

Driving digital strategy at Agero

Coming to an unexpected halt can make drivers tense, frustrated, and scared — whether the mechanical failure occurs on a rural avenue or a busy interstate. Agero, a Massachusetts-based provider of connected vehicle, roadside assistance and accident and claims management services, responds to more than 12 million such incidents annually.

Bernie Gracy joined the firm in early 2017 and serves as its first-ever chief digital officer (CDO). He notes the pride and seriousness with which his colleagues approach their time-sensitive work, emphasizing that the nature of the company’s services places it firmly in the "safety business."

The CDO’s digital maturity model

When forming and informing strategy, Gracy relies in part upon a personal digital maturity model. He believes that companies must undergo an evolution of their digital faculties characterized by three discrete and disparate stages: digitization, digitalization, and ultimately, digital transformation.

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