Wanted: CIOs to master digital strategy at the vanguard of change

A new breed of CIO has emerged as those who master digital strategy and are recognized for it by their business peers. Deloitte discusses key attributes of these “digital vanguards.”

Wanted: CIOs to master digital strategy at the vanguard of change
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Business disruption is forcing CIOs to transform their businesses with digital technologies. But few CIOs have mastered digital strategy enough to complete this crucial task, according to Deloitte's 2018 Global CIO Survey.

The report, which polled 1,116 CIOs and 321 CXOs, found that 44 percent of CIOs are neither actively involved in developing nor executing their organization’s digital strategy. And only 25 percent of all respondents, regardless of role, indicated that they have an enterprise-wide digital strategy at all. No wonder most digital transformations are lagging.

Such "digital vanguard" CIOs, which Deloitte defines as those who both master digital and are perceived by the rest of the business as a market leader in driving emerging digital technologies, account for only 10 percent of IT leaders, according to Deloitte consultants Bill Briggs, Kristi Lamar, Khalid Kark and Anjali Shaikh. The co-authors observed measurable differences between vanguard organizations and baseline organizations in how they lead IT, acquire and retain talent, allocate funding and deliver value.

The aspirational CIO role

Vanguard CIOs master the deployment of front-office, back-office and customer-facing technologies, Lamar, managing director of Deloitte's Consulting's CIO program, tells CIO.com. Although digital vanguards have not yet reached their digital destination, they’re sherpas for baseline CIOs aspiring to the next level.

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