Diversity helps fuel Capital One’s digital journey

For Capital One, accelerating digital transformation starts with programs aimed at fostering greater diversity and inclusion.

Diversity helps fuel Capital One’s digital journey

Cultural transformation is the unsung engine of digital transformation success. For most organizations, this requires a mind-set shift toward digital-first solutions. But it also means connecting with your customers and bringing in new talent, and that is where diversity and inclusion strategies can have a significant impact.

For Julie Elberfeld, senior vice president of shared services and executive sponsor for diversity and inclusion in tech at Capital One, her two roles are inextricably linked: Successful navigation of ongoing digital transformation initiatives at Capital One require an equal commitment to cultural transformation.

Elberfeld’s creation of the Women in Tech (WIT) program at Capital One has been integral part of Capital One’s digital transformation journey, driving recruitment and retention efforts at all levels, but particularly in engineering, Elberfeld says.

“To stay relevant and thrive in this new, digital economy, we need exceptional problem-solving skills, creativity, innovation, and that comes from a diverse workforce that’s tuned into the needs of our diverse customer base,” Elberfeld says.

At the heart of Capital One’s ongoing transformation, which includes conversational, customer-facing AI platforms such as ENO, is the need to create the best teams for delivering creative, innovative solutions, and that has meant creating a diverse, inclusive culture, Elberfeld says.

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