Developing data science skills in-house: Real-world lessons

Organizations are looking inward to fill data science needs, developing the culture, courses and programs necessary to deepen data analytics expertise.

Real-world lessons in developing data science skills in-house

The need for data scientists remains strong among companies in virtually every industry, as they look to launch big data and analytics projects and gain more value and insights from their data resources.

The demand for these professionals continues to exceed the supply by a considerable margin, however, and there are no signs that will change any time soon.

Online jobs site cited data scientist as one of the best jobs of 2018, with a projected growth in demand of 19 percent for this year. CareerCast evaluates U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data on growth outlook as well as industry hiring trends, trade statistics, university graduate employment data, and the site’s own database of listings to determine what factors are driving hiring needs.

The data science profession has regularly ranked among the top careers in terms of demand, with growth driven by the need among organizations to expertly analyze data and transform it into actionable information.

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