Caesars bets on automated parking system in digital transformation

Caesars CIO Les Ottolenghi facilitated the creation of PARCS, an automated parking system that leverages license plate recognition technology to help guests breeze in and out of facilities.

Caesars bets on automated parking system in digital transformation

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If you ever parked at a casino on the Las Vegas strip for a popular event, then you know the definition of pain. Even if you score a prime spot by arriving early enough, getting out quickly isn’t happening unless you leave early.

Caesars Entertainment, which operates Caesars Palace, Harrah's and several other casino and hotel brands, is alleviating such parking pains with a digital platform that automates payment for faster ingress and egress at its facilities.

The Parking Access and Revenue Control Solution (PARCS) system, which also integrates with the company’s loyalty rewards and hotel management software, helps facilitate parking for thousands of people who flock to the Palace daily to gamble and attend concerts and other events.

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