Sysco modernizes IT and ERP for the cloud

Sysco CTO Wayne Shurts is refactoring ERP and other critical business applications and migrating them to Amazon Web Services. Here’s how he’s doing it.

Sysco modernizes IT and ERP for the cloud

Moving computing infrastructure from a managed data center to the public cloud can be a scary proposition for IT leaders who haven’t traveled that road before. But sometimes extraordinary circumstances call for drastic measures.

After deciding that the soaring costs associated with supporting a multi-year ERP project weren’t worth the company’s money, Sysco CTO Wayne Shurts is moving the global food distributor’s IT systems to Amazon Web Services’ (AWS). Three years into the cloud migration, he has no regrets.

"We get all of the capacity we need for a very economical cost," Shurts says. Redundancy, failover and reliability are also "really good in AWS. If a server goes down, we never know it because [our system] is replicated in another region."

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