Inside NTT Data-Dell Services’ massive technical integration

NTT Data Services had 22 months to onboard 30,000 employees to new technology systems. Here’s how CIO Barry Shurkey completed the project early and under budget.

Inside NTT Data-Dell Services’ massive technical integration

Most CIOs who have integrated IT systems in a merger of two large enterprises will tell you they'd rather spend an afternoon getting root canals. The challenge, which some CIOs have likened to changing the engine on an airplane while it's in flight, is to ensure that business doesn't miss a beat amid complex systems integration. After all, the business can't hit pause and employees rely on IT to do their jobs.

This was the position in which Barry Shurkey found himself in November 2016, when he was tapped to manage the integration of technology systems for NTT Data Services' $3.1 billion acquisition of Dell Services. Shurkey, who was at the time was managing NTT Data's IT outsourcing contract with the Texas Department of Transportation, had 22 months to onboard 30,000 Dell Services employees and migrate them to new systems.

But with diligent planning, communications, and change management practices that ensured adherence to key milestones, Shurkey and the combined teams completed it in just 18 months.

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