Fueling advances in HPC and AI with the power of community

No company can do it alone.

Dell EMC

As SC18 is coming up fast (Nov. 11 – 16), this is a natural time to talk about the importance of a robust HPC and AI community. That’s because it takes an expansive community to deliver the continuing advances in hardware, software and services that push HPC and AI to new heights — the kind of heights that will be in the spotlight at SC18.

Dell EMC works on many fronts to foster this community by bringing geniuses and great technologies together. One of these initiatives is the Dell EMC HPC Community. It’s a worldwide technical forum that fosters the exchange of ideas among researchers, computer scientists, technologists and engineers — and promotes the advancement of innovative, powerful HPC solutions.

With those goals in mind, the Dell EMC HPC Community event at SC18 will feature keynote presentations by HPC experts along with a networking event to discuss best practices. Attendees will have the opportunity to receive updates on HPC strategy, product and solution plans from Dell executives and technical staff and technology partners. They will also have the chance to meet with Dell technical staff to provide feedback and to help to influence product plans. And, of course, the gathering will offer participants the chance to share insights and join in discussions of new methods, techniques and solutions​.

In another initiative, we work actively to help the community break new ground, make important discoveries and solve the big challenges via the Dell EMC HPC and AI Innovation Lab in Austin. This lab is a breeding ground for innovative HPC and AI technologies, thanks to a lot of community collaboration and world-class HPC systems.

The HPC and AI Innovation Lab encompasses a 13,000‑square‑foot data center devoted to HPC and AI. It houses thousands of servers, a TOP500 cluster, and sophisticated storage and network systems. The lab is staffed with computer scientists, engineers and Ph.D.s — subject matter experts who integrate and tune systems, benchmark applications and share best practices. These experts actively partner and collaborate with Dell EMC customers and other members of the HPC community to accelerate innovation.

Elsewhere, Dell EMC is actively involved with open-source communities that put the collective might of developers, data scientists, engineers and others to work to expand the boundaries of HPC and AI. From our support for open-source operating systems to our contributions to open-source networking and open-source storage initiatives, we’re part of the global open-source community.

As we noted in an article on CIO.com, open source is powering the digital enterprise, and Dell EMC is making substantial contributions to the next generation of open source. These contributions reflect our recognition that when we all work together as a community with a common purpose, we can accomplish things that no company could do on its own. It’s a win-win-win proposition — everyone gains from the work of the community.

Join the Dell EMC HPC Community at http://www.dellhpc.org and come see us at SC18 in booth #3218.

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