13 tips for grooming IT leaders

The ability to identify and train IT managers is a key factor in establishing productive IT teams. Here’s what to look for and how to hone leadership talent when promoting from within.

13 tips for grooming IT leaders

Newly forged IT managers face a daunting challenge: They need deep technical knowledge to oversee a technology team — along with a mix of specific soft skills that help them motivate their former peers.

With this in mind, how should you go about identifying IT staff who are ready to make the jump into their first management jobs? And what should their managers be prepared for, in terms of training them to lead, and providing what they need to be successful?

Read on for 13 tips from IT professionals who’ve successfully groomed employees from the ranks to leadership positions and have some thoughts on how to make it work. They explain how to successfully zero in on the most important traits in tech pros who are ready to take the next step.

Identify candidates early

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