5 digital transformation trends for 2019

Expect companies to scale-back their Big Bang change rhetoric in favor of a more iterative approach to innovation, a shift to product management, and renewed efforts around operational efficiency.

CIOs are suffering from digital transformation fatigue, but not just because the phrase has been overused to describe nearly any IT modernization effort. As it turns out, CIOs are finding it challenging to get sponsorship for Big Bang transformations from CEOs and boards who have little appetite for a long wait in an era of rapid-fire business disruption.

To wit, many firms — see General Electric — are failing at enterprise-wide digital transformations. This will continue to be an issue in 2019 as corporate inertia stalls lofty ambitions for change, according to Allen Bonde, a Forrester Research analyst. Bonde, who believes digital transformation requires a shift in technologies, skills and culture that helps forge new business models, says a Big Bang approach was never the answer despite the hype.

“There is some fatigue around big brush digital transformation and there is a need for tech leaders and e-business leaders to make it smaller,” Bonde says. “Executives are now saying, ‘We get it – we’re going to be disrupted, but what can we get done quickly or more practically?’”

Bonde shared with CIO.com his top five digital business predictions for 2019, as well as how CIOs can adapt to those changes.

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