IT budgeting mistakes to avoid

Rising costs can sneak up on you. Here’s how to prevent runaway technology spending before it hamstrings your IT operations.

IT budgeting mistakes to avoid

Are you in the midst of digital transformation? Using data to drive new insights? Moving more functions to the cloud? Helping support a wide range of SaaS applications selected and purchased by people outside IT? If you’re like most IT leaders, the answer to most of these questions is likely yes.

Now for the tough one: How are these changes and initiatives affecting your company’s technology spending? With rapid innovation and more digital capabilities than ever before, the opportunities to use technology in exciting new ways are seemingly endless — and so are the demands on IT leaders’ time and attention. Which means it’s easier than ever for simple mistakes to send IT costs spiraling upwards.

Here are four common pitfalls when it comes to making IT budgeting decisions.

Mistake No. 1: Moving to the cloud without adapting to the cloud

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