6 soft skills IT needs to succeed in the digital era

When it comes to transformation, tech expertise goes only so far. IT leaders must look for and develop traits not traditionally required for technologists in order to succeed in the years ahead.

6 soft skills IT needs to succeed in the digital era
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CIOs have a workforce problem.

As their companies seize on automation, AI and other leading-edge technologies to remake themselves into digital organizations, they’re finding they don’t have the skills they need.

Consider some numbers released by Gartner this fall: The IT research firm found that 70 percent of employees have not mastered the skills they need for their existing jobs while 80 percent lack the skills they need now and for future career success.

Moreover, only 44 percent of the more than 2,500 CIOs polled in a recent Robert Half Technology report said their technology departments were adequately staffed and 77 percent said it was somewhat or very challenging to find people with up-to-date digital skills. Worse, 38 percent of the companies responding to a recent Nintex report indicated that transformation initiatives failed to meet expectations because of a lack of sufficient in-house talent.

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