What it takes to be a true transformational CIO

The CIO role has undergone significant change as organizations transition into digital enterprises. Here’s how to move beyond being an operational leader.

What it takes to be a true transformational CIO

Atticus Tysen initially framed his challenges in technical terms.

“I thought we had a technical problem, and that was why we couldn’t get new products out fast enough. I thought the company had too many systems, and that the systems were too brittle, and if we just fixed them, we’d be OK,” he says.

That was back in 2013, when he became CIO at Intuit after 12 years working on the product side at the software company.

Tysen, however, quickly realized that the most impactful CIOs today don’t view operational excellence as the top measure of success. Instead, they see that as the starting point and quickly move beyond it to leading transformational change.

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