Taking IaaS for AI and HPC to a new level in Iceland

Verne Global takes the complexity and capital costs out of the HPC and AI equation.

Dell EMC

From its groundbreaking data center facilities in Iceland, Verne Global provides high-performance computing and artificial intelligence resources to more than 40 organizations, including science, technology, weather, automotive manufacturing and medical research institutions. In a novel twist, this innovative company offers its customers HPC and AI resources as a service that can be consumed and scaled on demand.

With its offerings, Verne Global provides its customers with services and capabilities that go far beyond those of today’s typical hyperscale cloud data centers. For example, via its hpcDIRECT platform, the company delivers customizable bare-metal servers on a reserved and on-demand basis, with all resources supported by a highly knowledgeable technical team. Verne Global can rapidly deploy a highly customized platform with no upfront charges to the customer — making HPC and AI a pay-as-you-go operational expense.

Access to flexible, scalable, cost-effective infrastructure is only part of the Verne Global value proposition. Organizations also look to the company for HPC and AI application expertise that they can’t get from the typical cloud service provider.

“We have to be not just HPC specialists, but also machine learning and deep learning experts as well,” notes Wil Wellington, product manager for hpcDIRECT, in a Dell EMC case study. “We get involved with our customers. We work with them to understand their applications and requirements, to understand where they want to go. What are their pain points? What is their technical expertise? From there, we become part of their team. Or we can stand back and let them carry on.”

“At the core, what we provide as our basic level of service, above physical data centers, is bare-metal compute,” adds Tate Cantrell, CTO for Verne Global, in the Dell EMC case study. Access to bare-metal servers as a service gives Verne Global customers the same flexibility they would have if they built their HPC clusters, with Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, from scratch.

Ultimately, the customer “has true ownership of the server,” Cantrell says. “They know which one is theirs. They know how it is, they know where it is, and by working with us, they know how it will be deployed. The beauty of the system is that it’s deployed in a very cloudy way, and it’s provisioned very quickly.”

In many ways, this looks like the future of HPC and AI — world-class resources delivered on demand. But it’s not the future; it’s happening today, thanks to the Verne Global and its state-of-the-art, extremely efficient data center facilities in Iceland.

For a closer look at the groundbreaking work that Verne Global is doing, take a moment to read the case study at http://www.dellemc.com/hpc.

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