10 signs top talent may soon leave

In a tight tech talent market, employee retention is key. These tell-tale signs that highly valued team members may be considering moving on will help you get in front of turnover before it’s too late.

10 signs top talent may soon leave

Tech workers are changing jobs more frequently than ever. A 2018 report from LinkedIn found that amid all sectors surveyed, technology had the highest turnover rate. And a majority of workers from all industries increasingly see job hopping as a positive move with benefits that include higher salaries, reports a survey by staffing firm Robert Half. According to the report, about 64 percent of workers think changing careers every few years was beneficial, a spike of 22 percent over the last four years. And job-hopping especially appeals to younger younger workers, with about 75 percent seeing good reasons to change jobs frequently.

Needless to say, executives feel differently. Organizations are advised to boost retention by offering clear opportunities for advancement and creating a workplace that attracts top talent rather than sending them packing, often to their competitors.

Executives and recruiters say there are telltale signs that a highly valued team member is considering moving on. Here’s how to tell if your star IT staffers are looking for a change and what, if anything, you can do about it.

They’re on the retreat

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