5 chatbot strategy mistakes — and how to avoid them

Chatbots are fast becoming a common solution for customer and end-user communications. But many chatbot strategies are missing the mark.

5 chatbot strategy mistakes — and how to avoid them

Are you building the right bot? Recent data from software company Pegasystems shows people don't always use chatbots the way that companies think. Take Q&A, a function many bots are built for, but one the survey says less than half of consumers want.

With $1.25 billion expected to pour into chatbot development by 2025, a misalignment of business assumptions and customer desire could cause costly mistakes. According to software development company RubyGarage, it takes between $6,000 and $12,240 to build a single bot from scratch. Of course, this same tech saved companies $20 million last year, per Juniper Research. But seeing those savings — or any other benefit — requires the right training and implementation.

Whether it’s misunderstanding market need or something else, there are plenty of ways a chatbot strategy can go wrong. Here are the top five areas experts pinpoint for mistakes — and the tips they give to prevent them.

1. Market misfit

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