Magellan Health goes cloud-first to modernize IT

Magellan Health CIO Srini Koushik is embracing SaaS for identity management and other functions as part of a digital transformation aimed at improving the way the company leverages data.

Magellan Health goes cloud-first to modernize IT

It didn't take long for Srini Koushik to realize he had a long road ahead of him when he joined Magellan Health as CIO and CTO in 2016. The $7.3 billion company, which doubles as a pharmacy benefits manager and provider of services for people with conditions ranging from ADHD to autism, was like many health-care organizations — long on legacy technology systems and short on innovation.

That is, Koushik inherited outdated on-premises systems and software that didn't scale well on mobile devices. "It was not just the legacy technology; the processes and approaches were stuck in 15 years ago," Koushik tells

Koushik quickly embraced a cloud-first, mobile-first strategy, creating a domino effect in which both public cloud and SaaS (software-as-a-service) applications quickly fell into place.

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