7 hot IT training trends — and 7 going cold

Effective training programs have become strategic imperatives in this era of tight talent markets and constant technical change. Here’s how to keep your workforce sharp.

7 hot IT training trends — and 7 going cold
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IT pros and business users frequently report that they want more opportunities to develop new skills to keep their careers from stagnating, and employers find that ongoing training can help retain experienced talent.

A recent survey by LinkedIn found that nearly 70 percent of employees prefer to learn new skills at work, nearly 60 percent at their own pace — and almost half at the point of need.

“Talent developers are depending more on online learning solutions to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse, multi-generational workforce — and there’s no turning back,” the report says. It advises employers to “meet them on platforms they’re already using with messages that align to their on-the-job needs and professional aspirations.”

Read on to see how to make your training efforts more efficient, as we identify which training trends are rising and which are falling off.

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