IT training: The most effective options for upskilling IT staff

Continuing education and skills training are vital tools for remaining competitive, engaging staff, and retaining top talent.

IT training: The most effective options for upskilling IT staff
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Training and development programs offer win-win advantages for employees and employers alike. They provide means for IT pros seeking to keep their skills sharp, and help CIOs address skills gaps, while improving employee engagement and retention.

According to a recent CTA survey, technical and high-skills training is viewed as a very important tool for employee retention at 80 percent of the 293 organizations responding. Moreover, 74 percent remarked that professional development programs to hone soft skills are very important to their employees, with another 44 percent seeing tuition reimbursement programs as vital for hiring and retaining top talent in the coming years.

Training and development programs take on various forms, enabling organizations to decide the formats that best fit the needs of their IT staff, as well as their available budgets.

Certifications, internal training, external training, conferences and events were all noted in the CTA Future of Work survey as being important for IT departments. And while larger organizations often have bigger budgets for IT training and development, smaller organizations can also take advantage of low-cost (or free) courses, certifications and events to help technical staff stay current on hard and soft skills.

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