How to create a culture of innovation

Companies are increasingly looking to IT to develop new products and services. Here’s how to transform your IT organization into an innovation engine.

How to create a culture of innovation

A culture of innovation is not the first description that comes to mind when talking about a 90-year-old domestic manufacturer, but it's something officials at John Matouk & Co. are actively implementing as a key part of their digital transformation.

Matouk’s drive to innovate echoes that of many organizations: to stay relevant and compete effectively against more nimble companies, as well as attract and retain talent. While the company prides itself on the quality of its products, brand experiences and customer relationships, “there’s a risk in thinking, ‘We’ve been doing this for almost 100 years and there’s an authenticity to our heritage, so people will keep purchasing from us,’” says Stuart Kiely, vice president of digital strategy at Matouk, which makes fine linens and luxury bedding.

And because he came from a tech background, Kiely knows it’s not a good idea to rest on your laurels. “Home textile and luxury linens companies are feeling pressure from digital disruptors and competitors who claim to offer better quality than ours and cut out the middle man and lower costs,’’ he says. Those young companies approach marketing from a digital-first framework, and “it’s that kind of pressure that prompts us to … stay on our game and be able to compete and continue to innovate” their manufacturing processes as well as their front- and back-office systems.

Why culture change is needed

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