Addressing the Full Cloud Stack, Securely and Reliably

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NewCloud Networks is a cloud computing and communications provider specializing in backup-as-a-service, disaster recovery-as-a service, security as-a-service, and customized clouds based on VMware technology. Based in Denver, Colorado, NewCloud also offers a wide range of virtualization services and unified communications solutions, including hosted private branch exchanges.  

Sam Kumar’s excitement for the cloud is contagious. The CEO and president of NewCloud Networks created the company 30 years ago on a guiding principle that still rings true: Take care of your customers, employees, and partners and everything else will take care of itself.

We recently caught up with Kumar to learn about the company’s exceptional track record providing production clouds for some of the world’s largest companies, why he’s bullish on VMware, what it means to be Cloud Verified, and what he sees driving more cloud computing.

“Being Cloud Verified is important to NewCloud because it puts us in an elite category of service providers,” Kumar says. “Most of the businesses in the Fortune 2,000 and the segments we serve already rely on solutions from VMware, so it’s important for them to know that we offer a full cloud stack based on VMware’s technology and are highly skilled using its solutions.”

NewCloud’s familiarity with VMware is nothing new. A decade ago, Kumar purchased a data center in Denver and built an entire cloud infrastructure based on VMware technology. He then built a fully redundant, identical backup and DR data center in Phoenix.

Today, NewCloud Networks operates 10 data centers throughout the United States and hosts production clouds on its 10 Gbps, ultra-low latency network for many of the world’s most successful companies. Customers can deploy a full-service backup and DR cloud that is sufficiently far enough away to mitigate any natural disaster, but fast enough — and with a short enough hop — to meet the latency requirements associated with the most demanding use cases and workloads.

NewCloud also recently opened two data centers in Germany, including a production cloud in Frankfurt and a backup and DR cloud in Dusseldorf, when a longstanding customer needed a cloud able to provide 100% uptime and local performance to users in Europe. The company also recently opened a security operations center in India.

“Security is a huge issue and ransomware in particular is an awful threat,” says Kumar. “We speak with prospective customers all of the time who first feel the pain of having to pay a ransom, and then feel doubly hurt when they realize how easily we could have prevented it or simply switched things over to their backup or DR cloud. The vCloud Availability Suite is magical and dramatically streamlines that process.”

In addition to basing its cloud stack on VMware technology — including NSX, vSAN, vSphere, and vCloud Director — NewCloud offers a virtual data center, desktop-as-a-service and other virtualization services, which Kumar is confident will be in even greater demand as pivotal cloud-computing trends continue to gain momentum.

“Edge computing of course is not new, nor is the benefit of pushing the content as close to the consumer as possible,” adds Kumar. “What is new is that the demand for edge computing resources — and the low-latency, nearby clouds they require — is increasing and will likely accelerate as bandwidth-intensive technologies gain more mainstream adoption.”

Learn more about VMware’s partnership with NewCloud Networks here.

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