ITIL 4: ITSM gets agile

Launching in Q1 this year, ITIL 4 is a major overhaul of the popular ITSM framework that adds more clarity for businesses trying to automate, streamline and implement ITSM processes.

ITIL-based organizations take note: The popular framework has undergone a significant overhaul aimed at modernizing IT service management (ITSM) into a more agile, value-driven business asset.

ITIL was last updated in 2011, but it was only a small refresh — the 2019 overhaul of ITIL is on par with the 2007 update, which brought significant changes to the ITIL framework. The focus of ITIL 4 includes embracing adaptability, customizability and flexibility in IT service management.

The new version encourages organizations to break down siloes, emphasizes collaboration and communication across the organization and integrates agile and DevOps practices into the framework. ITIL 4 expands on the ideas and concepts around creating value, automating processes and improving outcome delivery. Things that won’t change include a focus on good governance, reliability, stability, information security and data security — those concepts will still carry over from ITIL 3 and past versions.

9 guiding principles of ITIL

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