The digital future of healthcare

The healthcare industry is catching up to the digital revolution that has disrupted other sectors, as healthcare execs ramp up use of transformative tech to reshape patient care.

The digital future of healthcare

Lehigh Valley Health Network set out to keep patients from dying of sepsis, a life-threatening complication that can result from an infection, and it planned to use its computer system to help.

The tech team at the Allentown, Penn.-based healthcare system worked with colleagues from the clinical side to create an application that takes best practices and patient workflows, leverages data sets and analytics technologies, to identify which patients are susceptible to the condition and then guide care teams on treatments.

The result was a 40 percent reduction in fatal sepsis cases within just five months, says LVHN Senior Vice President and CIO Michael Minear. He’s now working to build pathways for treating 55 conditions representing more than 80 percent of the problems that bring patients to the hospital, with 35 of those pathways already operational.

“We’re leveraging our digital infrastructure and using analytics to make sure we’re using best practices to care for patients,” Minear says.

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