IT Resume Makeover: Showcasing skills for the private sector

In this IT resume makeover, Andrew Ysasi helps a candidate transform a more academic public sector CV into a private sector resume that pops.

IT Resume Makeover: Showcasing skills for the private sector
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After working as a director of technology and a senior technical programmer in the public sector, Andrew Wiedlea wanted to shift to a position in the private sector. But when he decided to apply for jobs, he discovered his resume was “too wordy and detailed for the private sector” noting that he had more of a “CV, not a resume.”

“My previous work experience has been largely in the public sector, with National Laboratories so a more academic style of document was expected. My main problem was determining how I wanted to shorten my narrative and how I wanted to position my experience for private sector employers,” says Wiedlea.

Resume expert Andrew Ysasi, president of Admovio and vice president of Vital Records Control, agreed, noting that while Wiedlea had a lot of experience, he “wasn’t sure what type of job he wanted or specific skills he was trying to showcase.”

Wiedlea’s resume makeover provides important insights, not only for those looking to shift to the private sector, but for any seasoned IT pro seeking to making a move up the career ladder.

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