Top tech conferences and events in SE Asia 2019

CIO ASEAN's directory of 2019 technology conferences and events across Southeast Asia

Below we have compiled a list with some of the most exciting technology events for IT executives in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region.

This page will get updated regularly, so keep checking it for new content.

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Barcamp ASEAN 12-13 October, 2019 Phnom Penh, Cambodia An international and open two-day event in which individuals, businesses, students, young startups and professionals come together to share, learn, exchange ideas, and connect with one another. Startups
FinovateAsia 14-16 October, 2019 Singapore Startups, tech platforms, financial institutions, regulators, and investors from Asia and beyond share fintech market insights. Fintech
GovInsider Live 16-17 October, 2019 Bangkok, Thailand This conference brings together innovators from around the world to discuss public service delivery in the 21st Century. There will be sessions dedicated to digital, data, cybersecurity and smart healthcare.  Govtech
26th Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress 21-25 October, 2019 Singapore The congress will address industry topics such as automated vehicles, big data analytics, innovative pricing and travel demand management, cybersecurity and data privacy. Emerging technologies
CIO Leaders Summit Indonesia 24 October, 2019 Jakarta, Indonesia The CIO Leaders Summit Indonesia is invitation only and intended for Indonesia’s senior IT leaders to gather for a strategic one day event in order to exchange knowledge and interact as one over a range of important issues facing the industry. IT Leadership
Indonesia Fintech Show 6-8 November, 2019 Jakarta, Indonesia Indonesia Fintech Show focuses on engaging the Indonesian financial services community, forging partnerships with companies offering complementary technology and services, generating new and targeted leads, launching new products to community, investors and media, meeting key decision makers from startups to multinationals, promoting and raising brand awareness, seizing new business opportunities, and sourcing new funds and investments. Fintech
Singapore Fintech Festival 11-15 November, 2019 Singapore The world's largest Fintech festival and global platform for the Fintech community. Fintech
Galen Growth Asia Healthtech Summit 13-15 November, 2019 Singapore The summit brings together decision-makers and movers and shakers from the global corporate leaders in healthcare innovation, the most promising startups and the most active institutional investors. Healthtech
CIO Leaders Summit Singapore 19 November, 2019 Singapore The CIO Leaders Summit Singapore will highlight the emerging technologies that are leading the way and will examine current challenges that CIO’s are faced with. IT Leadership
Singapore WAN Summit 20-21 November, 2019 Singapore The event gathers attendees from enterprise, government, Telcos, technology vendors, managed service providers and consulting firms. IT Infrastructure
Cyber Security Indonesia 6-8 December, 2019 Jakarta, Indonesia Cyber Security Indonesia features discussions on the world’s largest source of cyber attacks. Cybersecurity

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