9 key metrics for IT success

Is your IT organization a business champion or a burden? Here's a look at the essential KPIs for gauging IT's business effectiveness, including digital transformation.

9 key metrics for IT success
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It's strictly a numbers game when it comes to measuring the various aspects of IT success. Positive KPIs generally indicate that all is well with specific IT operations and services. Negative numbers, on the other hand, warn that IT efforts may be headed in the wrong direction or are already actively damaging enterprise goals.

In a world awash with IT-relevant KPIs, a few stand out as truly insightful. Here's a rundown of nine fundamental IT metrics — both internal and customer-focused — that matter most.

1. Utilization

While it can be tricky to measure, utilization is a fundamental IT success metric. "IT in general has a reputation for unsuccessful projects and costly, underutilized tools," says Jason Rappaport, president and CEO of Innovative, an IT strategy planning and support firm. "Therefore, those who are able to measure utilization and the impact of the IT systems and tools that support overall business goals are having the most success."

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