How university partnerships are priming tech talent pipelines

Companies are increasingly partnering with colleges and universities to help foster real-world digital skills — and get a head start on hiring for hard-to-fill tech roles.

How university partnerships are priming tech talent pipelines

CIOs frequently lament the dearth in tech talent when discussing the challenges to their digital transformation efforts. To help fill this void, enterprises are increasingly turning to a tried and true source: higher education. But with a twist.

The talent pool for emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and internet of things (IoT), will fall short in filling at least 30 percent of global demand, according to IDC. Organizations struggle to hire data scientists and analytics experts who can munge and extract insights from data.  

“CIOs will also realize that talent shortage will be a moving target driven by supply and demand and they will have to find adaptive, flexible approaches to meet changing needs,” IDC analysts wrote in a recent research report.

The idea of scouring campuses for tech talent isn't new, but anecdotal evidence suggests that companies are redoubling their efforts to lure — and help train — future technologists by partnering with colleges and universities on innovation labs and internship programs aimed at developing real-world digital skills.

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