Cloud Verified: How Singtel is Inspiring Creativity & Innovation

Global telecom, hosting, and managed services provider says Cloud Verified is integral to its delivery of IT services

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Singtel is one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies. Based in Singapore, it provides a complementary array of workforce mobility solutions, data hosting, cloud, network infrastructure, analytics, and cyber-security capabilities. It also offers mobile, broadband, and TV services that more than 700 million people use to stay connected.  Trustwave, a Singtel company, is also a global managed security services provider, with customers in 96 countries, 10 advanced security operations centers, and an arsenal of 2,000 security-minded professionals.

Singtel is a trusted brand known to consumers throughout Asia, Africa, and Australia. Today, numerous businesses in 21 countries and many government agencies rely on the company and its broad portfolio of information and communications technologies and services it offers to do business in a rapidly changing and increasingly global world.

We spoke with Sudesh Shah, Singtel’s Vice President of Cloud, to understand the future of cloud-enabled innovations and creativity.

“If you take a step back and look at the big picture, cloud is really an enabler in the digital transformation now occurring as businesses work to be more agile in how they serve their customers, achieve savings, and operate more efficiently,” Shah says.

Singtel’s cloud services and solutions are extensive. The company operates 11 datacenters throughout the Asia Pacific region and has a global network to ensure immediate access to mission-critical data from anywhere. Its services include Infrastructure-as-a-Service in the form of Singtel Managed Virtual Private Cloud— which is Cloud Verified — as well as the Singtel Managed Hybrid Network, Singtel Cloud Access and SD-Connect, an adaptable and intelligent software-defined network.

In all cases, Singtel works to simplify its customers’ cloud journeys by providing them with the new capabilities they need, the guidance required to utilize them with evolving legacy systems, and the flexibility to grow in the future.

Singtel works closely with VMware to deliver customer-centric solutions. For example, its software-defined networking, data centers, and infrastructure offerings use many VMware’s technologies, including NSX, vCloud Director, and the vMotion technologies that make it possible to rapidly move workloads between public and private cloud instances.

Shah believes that a software-defined approach helps customers to be more agile, and enables them to deliver IT services faster, more securely, and more efficiently than ever before. Being VMware Cloud Verified is integral to that effort.

“We see our partnership with VMware as fundamental to ensure that we always provide cloud transformation to our clients with the absolute highest quality and the least risk,” Shah says. “Our brand is synonymous with quality, security, and the knowledge that we will always deliver the right outcomes. Being VMware Cloud Verified contributes to that credibility and shows we have the right capabilities and the right trained resources in place to deliver software-defined services and an optimal journey to the cloud.”

Shah is confident that the potential of cloud services to improve business outcomes will only increase in the years to come.

“One of our strengths is that we’re at the forefront of the increases in speed and bandwidth,” he adds. “Cloud powered, transformative trends such as the Internet of things and the use of analytics to provide individualized services will become increasingly real to consumers in light of 5G and other developments. Technology is a key enabler to helppeople live better lives. The cloud, along with the innovation and creativity it inspires, as well as the possibilities it brings, provides limitless opportunities for tomorrow.”

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