6 hot IT leadership trends — and 6 going cold

As the CIO role becomes increasingly strategic, risk aversion and a results-oriented mindset take a backseat to increasingly influence and driving organizational change.

6 hot IT leadership trends — and 6 going cold

IT leadership is changing nearly as rapidly as technology itself. Successful tech executives are shifting toward initiating strategic change rather than acting as trusted operators, as the CIO role sees greater emphasis on leadership skills related to digital transformation over keeping the lights on.

While the spectrum for IT leadership success remains wide, the rules of IT leadership are evolving rapidly, with many organizations seeking masters of digital strategies to helm their IT operations. Today’s IT leaders are being leaned on more for innovation and revenue generation, and to do so, most are shifting their approaches to IT leadership, broadening their influence and emphasizing organizational change.   

We talked with IT execs and others about the future of IT leadership to find out which skills an strategies are on the rise — and which are waning.

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