BoSox digital strategy covers all the bases

Digital strategy is a key priority for the Boston Red Sox in 2019. CIO Brian Shield is leading the efforts, which include chatbots and wayfinding software, as well as upgrades to CRM and the corporate intranet.

BoSox digital strategy covers all the bases
Victor Grigas (Creative Commons BY or BY-SA)
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The Boston Red Sox have been among Major League Baseball's most winning teams in recent years. The same couldn’t be said for the franchise's technology systems when CIO Brian Shield joined the organization in 2013.

Leaning on a new digital strategy that emphasizes improved operations and fan experiences, Shield has since overhauled everything from the core applications that help the team operate to the software the club uses to communicate with its employees.

The BoSox digital strategy has been expanded to include chatbots that help the organization connect with fans and employees and wayfinding technology to help fans navigate the storied Fenway Park on game days.

But as recently as six years ago, the bulk of the BoSox technology efforts were more dull-edge than cutting-edge. Like many companies, the systems were dedicated to keeping the lights on, ensuring computers were patched, with only a modest focus on using data to boost decision-making.

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