App overload: The silent productivity killer

By introducing an app for nearly every task, IT organizations risk sapping employee efficiency. Here’s how to tackle the glut.

App overload: The silent employee productivity killer
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Technology is supposed to help employees become more efficient, but according to Pegasystems, it's actually making them less productive. The software vendor reported that the average Global 2000 employee uses 35 different tools a day, switching back and forth more than 1,100 times. It’s as if there’s an application for everything, the study contends and the resulting app glut is just too much.

Here’s a look at what IT can do to ensure technology aimed at improving the work experience doesn’t overwhelm employees to the point that they can’t work effectively.

Take stock and develop a plan

Tim Kulp, director of emerging technologies for IT consultancy Mind Over Machines, believes app glut results from a lack of overarching strategy. “Too many apps is usually the sign of a missing strategic roadmap,” he says. To create one, Kulp recommends making a full list of every tool the company uses — paid and free.

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